Here you can find the different options for social activities.


All participants will recieve an E-Mail with a link to a form. You can select you favourite Social Activity, but it's also fine if you do not want to participate in an Acitivity. Please fill out the form anyways, since it also asks if you want to participate in the pub crawl. This information will help us plan accordingly.

Please note, that the fees are paid in cash on site and not in advance. The fees might vary, depending on the number of people registering for that activity. Therefore, we can yet only provide a price range.

We are looking forward to some fun activities!


 Social Activities – Registration opens on Wednesday, February 1st


Liebig-Museum Tour

You want to have glimpse at the workplace of Justus von Liebig, one of the most influential chemists in history? Then a tour through the Liebig-Museum, a historical landmark of chemistry according to the European Chemical Society and German Chemical Society, is the ideal social activity for you. You will have the chance to visit almost 200 years old laboratories, in which chemical history was written and many renowned chemists were trained. The guided tour takes approximately 1 h.

Price: 5 € paid in cash at the Liebig-Museum


City Tour Giessen

The City Tour is ideal for people who are visiting Giessen for the first time! You will visit Giessen´s historical landmarks and learn about the first settlements in this area 800 years ago. Furthermore, you will learn about the founding of the Ludwig University (now Justus-Liebig University) in 1607, which significantly shaped the cities development, and ultimately the cities more recent history. The guided tour will take about 1.5 h.

Price: 5 € paid in cash at the Registration Desk


Botanical Garden Tour

About 7500 plant species can be admired on an area of about 3 ha in the botanical garden of the Justus Liebig University. Are you interested in the world of plants? Do you want to learn about the development and the tasks of the botanical garden? Then join a guided tour in the botanical garden of the Justus Liebig University in Giessen!

The guided tour will take approximately 1 h and it is for free, but donations to the "Freundeskreis Botanischer Garten der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen e.V." are welcome!


Mathematikum Tour

The Mathematikum in Giessen inspires visitors of all ages with about 200 exhibits to participate in. Scientific phenomena can be understood through interactive experiments. Whether it is standing in a giant soap bubble, building a bridge using only simple wooden bars or solving puzzle games, there's plenty to experience at the Mathematikum. The guided tour takes about 1-2 h.

Price: 10 € paid in cash at the Mathematikum


City Tour Marburg

On the Marburg city tour you will experience the history of the medieval university city up close. From the Elisabeth Church, through narrow streets up to the Landgrafenschloss, the "Oberstadt" invites you to look around, enjoy and linger. Explore history in numerous places and corners, whether following the footsteps of the Brothers Grimm, Martin Luther or Emil von Behring, there is a lot to discover. The guided tour takes approximately 1-1.5 h.

Price: 5 € paid in cash at the Registration Desk