One does not simply do a meme competition… Challenge accepted! In advance to the next Frühjahrssymposium, we want to start an epic battle of humor and creativity – and lots of memes. Within the motto “Communicating the Future”, we want to put special emphasis on science communication. And why not do that by being funny?

So submit your chemistry- or generally science-related meme via this form:

A jury will judge all memes and choose the best one, which will be announced at the closing ceremony of the FJS 2022 in Hannover. The winner will not only receive the glory of winning the first ever meme competition at a Frühjahrssymposium but also a great prize. Intrigued? Then send in your contribution until March 1, we are looking forward to your creative and hilarious meme! Also, if you have send in your meme, do not forget to share it on social media with the hashtag #meme_FJS2022. That way, everyone can have a look at all the great memes and enjoy the funny side of science! We reserve the right to also announce the most viral meme under this hashtag.


Here some additional guidelines for your meme:

Your meme must:

  • be related to chemistry or a related field of science
  • be the only meme you submit
  • not be larger than 5 MB
  • be understood by the jury (use preferably English or German)
  • be your meme and not someone else's
  • have a common format for a picture of document (e.g. jpg, png, gif or pdf)
  • be submitted until March 1