When and where will the symposium take place? 

The JCF-Symposium will take place in Ulm from 13th to 16th of March 2024.

The address of the venue is:

Ulm University
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89069 Ulm

How do I get there? 

The city of Ulm is connected to railway tracks and other usual transportation. For sake of the environment, we encourage you to use the excellent public transportation system. A daily ticket for the tram and bus lines can also be bought here: https://www.swu.de/privatkunden

How can I register for the FJS?

The Registration is not opened yet! 

Where can I find current deadlines and which deadlines do exist?

All deadlines can be found soon on our website. The important deadlines are the abstract submission deadline for oral and poster-abstracts and the registration deadline which are yet to be set. Information regarding workshop registration will be added on the website and sent to the participants via email after the registration deadline. 

Which positions are included in the FJS registration fee?

The registration fee includes access to the scientific program, conference dinner, welcome reception and workshops. For a printed version of the book of abstracts and the social activities on Friday afternoon, additional fees apply.

When does the conference fee need to be paid?

After registration, you will receive an email invoice to the mail address you provided in the registration process. The conference fee has then to be paid to the bank account stated in the invoice directly. For further information, please consult the General Terms and Conditions of GDCh.

What is an "active participation" at the conference?

An "active participation" includes the presentation of a poster or an oral talk during the FJS. To apply for a poster or talk, please send your abstract before the deadline to fjs-abstracts@jcf.io. It is also possible to register for the conference without active participation.

How do I provide my student verification upon registration?

The student verification has to be sent to the GDCh. To do so, please send your verification to Arnd Bohl a.bohl@gdch.de after registration.

How do I know if my oral or poster presentation has been accepted?

You will be informed shortly after the abstract deadline, if your contribution has been accepted. In case of poster presentations, we can accept a large number of contributions and your abstract should be directly accepted.

For oral presentations, only a limited number of slots is available. If you applied for an oral presentation, you will be informed shortly after the abstract deadline (and before the registration deadline), whether you are selected with one of the oral presentation slots. If you have not been considered for an oral presentation, you will still have the option to present a poster of your research instead.

Can I ask for a specific slot for a poster session or oral presentation session?

For organizational reasons, it is not possible to reserve a specific slot for your talk or poster presentation. However, in urgent cases, exceptions might be arranged. Please get in contact with fjs-program@jcf.io if you are unable to attend a certain session or have specific requests.

Do I have to pay travel and accommodation by myself or are there any financing options?

Travel and accommodation have to be organized and paid by the participants. Hotel and travel information can be found on our website. The Deutsche Bahn is offering special conditions for GDCh events. In certain cases, you can apply for a GDCh partial scholarship for young scientists for funding.

Where can I stay?

We have already booked allotments at different hotels. To check which one will suit you best, please check here. 

If you need any help, feel free to contact our guest service team at fjs-guestservice@jcf.io.

How can I cancel my registration for the FJS 2024?

The withdrawal from the conference is described in the General Terms and Conditions of GDCh

Where can I find further news on the FJS?

Important updates are frequently shared on our social media channels on Twitter and Instagram.

Where can I download the Book of abstracts?

The digital Book of Abstracts is not yet available.

Your question is not covered in this section?

If your question could not be answered, please feel free to contact the FJS team at fjs-heads@jcf.io. A FJS member will contact you as soon as possible.